Business Model Innovation Workshop

Because if your competitors are, you can't afford not to.

Get to grips with your own business models
Become confident in using the canvas internally
Identify key opportunities for innovation
Explore additional ways to unlock value

About the Business Model Innovation Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to identify business model innovations that can help drive the business forward and increase profitability, both with your business-as-usual activities and your longer term opportunities. The research around business model innovation shows that it can help increase profitability and growth and improve customer retention significantly more than simple product/service development.

The good news is that often there are plenty of ways to improve the business that are relatively low effort, but have high impact. We’ll be using the Business Model Canvas (one of most widely used business design tools globally) as the foundational tool, as well as a range of other tried and tested tools and approaches.

An interactive day

The day itself will be very interactive. It will involve training; facilitated mapping of your current business model(s); and then a range of activities specifically designed to uncover high value innovation and improvement opportunities for the business.

After the workshop, if you agree that we have delivered the expected return (as outlined below), we’ll provide photos of the day and write up the notes into an easily digestible summary document that you can use to begin to turn the ideas and opportunities into reality.

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You don’t want a cookie cutter approach to your business. Your situation and team is unique, with a specific set of challenges. We know that what works in one situation won’t necessarily work in another. That’s why we don’t make assumptions, take our time to understand your needs and create a blended solution to fit your specific objectives.

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