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Our ‘live challenge’ workshops give you the best of both worlds.

When it comes to training, there can be a big gap between what you learn and then how you apply that within your organisation.

All our workshops use your specific ‘live challenge’ as the key training scenario and focus, allowing you to both learn AND create in parallel. By working together to co-create, we help you deliver on your company objectives whilst also learning the processes, theories and approaches you need to be able to do it yourselves the next time.

Concept to Commercialisation Workshop Series

Whether your venture is a brand new startup or a new product/service in an established portfolio, the search for an appropriate—and profitable—business model is critical. From choosing your niche to creating a compelling proposition and finding a revenue model that really works, each element and the overall blend can be the difference between success and failure.

Through the Concept to Commercialisation workshop series sessions, we will lead you through a repeatable process that will allow you to quickly but thoroughly:

  • Evaluate any idea, technology, product or service
  • Explore and refine possible business models
  • Innovate and test potential revenue models
  • Consistently identify and invest in those opportunities that have real potential to deliver

To ensure this isn’t just a theoretical exercise, we’ll be applying the tools and techniques shared throughout to your live opportunity. This will allow you to put the learning into practice; to really get to grips with the tools we use; and to explore with one another how this opportunity might move forward and evolve.

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Hack Sprint: the faster way to innovate

Want to seriously jumpstart the development of your new product/service/solution? We've created a unique combination between a Design Sprint and a Hackathon. Our virtual Hack Sprint, held virtually over the course of 2 days, enables you and your team to make more progress on your concept than some companies make in months!

  • Get your team on the same page and all agreed on direction
  • Explore multiple ideas and options quickly and efficiently
  • Effectively prioritise and focus on your strongest ideas
  • Create and test something tangible in just 2 days
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Customer-driven insight: an introduction

Without deep customer insights, teams often make critical, unfounded assumptions about the development of their new venture/opportunity.

With our virtual training and coaching, we'll upskill your team in how to avoid these pitfalls by gathering first-person customer insights to test and validate their ideas and assumptions. You'll walk away with a customised plan of action that you can enact as soon as you've finished the workshop.

  • Understand the context of lean startup & design thinking
  • Learn how to apply the power of customer 'Jobs to Be Done'
  • Training in how to do customer interviews (+ live practice!)
  • Clear frameworks for understanding and applying your resulting insights
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Why choose us

Matt and Debbie will be your trainers and facilitators. We are both skilled teachers, trainers, consultants and facilitators and have lost count of the number of client workshops we’ve have run, from 3-day leadership retreats to customer interview training for sales teams.

Having been collaborating with clients virtually for years, we understand the importance of virtual workshop design and facilitation to bring the best out of your teams. We use the latest tools and thinking to ensure full engagement, aid collaboration and drive progress.

Individually and together, we guest lecture on a range of topics including entrepreneurship, venture growth, emerging technologies and business model innovation for MSc programmes at both Warwick Business School and Warwick Manufacturing Group. We have both been recognised for outstanding contribution to Warwick Business School’s postgraduate programmes for excellent teaching on the Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing Module.

Between us, we have evaluated thousands of business models and new venture ideas from startups, established businesses and students and in their own market research and look forward to supporting you with yours!

What our clients say

I attended Debbie and Matt’s innovation masterclass—it really was excellent and very thought provoking. It showed me the importance of being innovative to succeed in business and that with the right coaching and support this wasn’t difficult for any business— even HR! Debbie and Matt’s style and skill as a coaches and the techniques they use helped me to think clearer and generate ideas—in easy steps.

Angela Roberts
The HR Consultancy

Angela Roberts

I have worked with Matt and Debbie in a workshop setting where they added great value. Drawing on their experience of working with a broad range of businesses and their excellent grasp of the academic and practitioner literature, they are able to communicate their ideas in a very accessible and interactive manner. Together, they offer a very engaging experience that brings out the best in their audience. Matt and Debbie are a great partnership.

Deniz Ucbasaran
Professor of Entrepreneurship; Associate Dean for Pedagogy
Warwick Business School

Deniz Ucbasaran

Innovation can seem like a daunting subject that doesn’t necessarily apply to your business on a day to day basis. When you think about innovation you tend to think of organisations like Apple. You might think, ‘I could never aspire to be an organisation like that.’

Stocker Partnership’s Masterclass on becoming more innovative has been useful because we’ve learnt ways that you can actually apply innovation to your business. Even if you’re a small business or a sole trader, you can still innovate and there are practical steps you can take to introduce innovation.

Sarah Hickman
Public Marketing Communications

Sarah Hickman

Debbie and Matt prepared the case study which formed the basis of the Warwick Business School International Healthcare Case Competition. The quality of their preparation and investigation was impeccable and the case set up a highly engaging and challenging scenario on which the whole competition revolved. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Stocker Partnership for this or related specialist support and I’d be delighted to work with their team again!

Dr Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal
Given when Medical Advisor in Healthcare Technology & Innovation, Global Government & Health
BT Global Services

Dr Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal

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