Rethinking leadership and management to drive innovation

Businesses of all sizes struggle to balance innovation with business as usual. Although both activities are vitally important, it can sometimes feel as though the two are at odds with one another as they compete for attention, resource and time.

We ran an interactive event for CIPD Coventry & Warwickshire Branch that highlighted the tools you need to create a culture that embraces innovation. We also explained how to harness high performance leadership techniques that use different management approaches for innovation and the day-to-day.

Areas we explored:

  • The key differences between innovation and business as usual.
  • Organisational Ambidexterity — what is it, why does it matter, and how does your firm stack up?
  • The different types of innovation (from incremental, ‘small i’ innovation to radical, ‘Big I’ innovation) and the different management approaches that are needed even for these.
  • The role of leadership, management and strategy in creating ambidexterity.
  • Insights from other organisations that have got the balancing act right.

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Matt Stocker

Matt is founder and director of Stocker Partnership, a strategy and innovation consultancy. As a strategist, designer, innovator and geek, he's known for his creative thinking. Matt thrives in challenging environments and loves to push the boundaries of possibility. He's a big picture, visual thinker who is always running 5 to 10 years ahead. More about us

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