The Baltics – in numbers!

By: Matt Stocker

I recently went to the Baltics on behalf of a client, exploring the potential of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets. The trip was very well organised by UKTI; the visits were hugely useful both in understanding the market dynamics and also in finding out the level of potential opportunity in each country.

Having enjoyed the trip immensely, I just thought I’d give you a taster of it here, starting with the stats!

The numbers…

  • 6 day trip
  • 4 countries (if you include a transfer in Frankfurt airport!)
  • 2 days of traveling
  • 6 flights
  • 3 hotels
  • -1° Celsius average temperature
  • 2 days of snow
  • 4 days of meetings
  • 3 Embassies
  • 3 UKTI local teams
  • 2 evening events
  • 2 ambassadors met
  • 2 government ministers spoken with
  • 15 one-to-one meetings with interested parties
  • 21 companies met with in total

The commercial opportunity…

Well now, that would be commercially sensitive information! Sorry to disappoint.

And a few pictures…

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Article by:

Matt Stocker

Matt is founder and director of Stocker Partnership, a strategy and innovation consultancy. As a strategist, designer, innovator and geek, he's known for his creative thinking. Matt thrives in challenging environments and loves to push the boundaries of possibility. He's a big picture, visual thinker who is always running 5 to 10 years ahead. Find out more

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