Our exciting and unusual news this Christmas

By: Matt Stocker

If you’re signed up to our newsletter, you’ll already have heard about the fact that we’ve been working with Santa Global this year. For the benefit of those of you who don’t (yet) get our newsletter, we were too excited not to also share it here! Hope you enjoy…

Screen shot of our Santa Global Christmas Newsletter 2012. To view the original please visit https://mattstocker.createsend.com/reports/viewCampaign.aspx?ID=95711ECA5FC94FBD

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Matt Stocker

Matt is founder and director of Stocker Partnership, a strategy and innovation consultancy. As a strategist, designer, innovator and geek, he's known for his creative thinking. Matt thrives in challenging environments and loves to push the boundaries of possibility. He's a big picture, visual thinker who is always running 5 to 10 years ahead. Find out more

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