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I’m working hard.
In the zone.
I’m focused.
I’m distraction free.

Then there’s this itch.
This little inbox itch.
Have I got any mail?
Who’s emailed me today?

Should I look?
Should I check?
What if it’s important?
What if something’s wrong?

I want to check.
I want to send and receive.
But I’m focused.
I’m distraction free.

I need to work.
I can’t keep scratching this inbox itch.
Ok, maybe this once.
But then no more.



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Hello again – sorry for the rather long pause in blogging! I do have a number of excuses including a heavy work load, working on an updated website (almost ready to launch in the not too distant future) and the arrival of a rather high maintenance¬†police sniffer puppy in training called Herbie. He has now moved to live with his new handler for his next stage of training and we have a new sniffer dog in training called Jess who’s a lot lower maintenance!¬† Anyway, excuses over, back to the blog!

I was musing the other day about the fact that I use rather a lot of web 2.o style applications for my business. As I find these applications so useful and have made my selections based upon fairly extensive research and comparisons between products, I thought I’d put a list together to give you a headstart if you’re looking for similar tools. (more…)