Vision, values, purpose and mission

Achievements start with a dream


Have you ever wondered how NASA landed a man on the moon, Ford democratised the automobile, Microsoft put a computer on every desk and in every home, or Google made information universally accessible and useful? All of these achievements started with a dream.

Vision, values, purpose and mission are the bedrock of any organisation. Together, they provide strategic alignment, unify your focus and motivate your people. Once you know why your organisation exists and where it is going, great things can be achieved.

Using collaborative and creative techniques, we work with key stakeholders to unlock your ambitions (vision and mission) and to clearly express the enduring principles (values and purpose) that guide your actions each and every day.

With this solid foundation, you are free to innovate with confidence knowing that you won’t just blindly follow the latest wave or trend. You can also move forward with focus and ambition as you effectively manage both continuity and change.

Projects to inspire you

In collaboration with leadership, staff, trustees, clients and supporters of a local charity, we enabled the organisation to dig deep into their values, develop a renewed sense of purpose, and create an exciting 20-year vision. Having supported a leading wholesaler in defining their purpose, values and vision, we enabled its leadership to look beyond business as usual and to inspire staff and customers alike. We coached the internal communications manager of a multinational company in developing and delivering vision, values and purpose workshops for senior management at a department level.
We challenged the management of a multinational strategic business unit to evaluate their mission and to explore whether the unit had a deeper motivational purpose. In an ongoing mentoring relationship, we enabled a client to identify the vision for their business alongside their own personal goals, including an outline of the practicalities for how both could be achieved. By developing the knowledge base of its Director, we enabled the trustees and leadership of a national charity to create and define big, hairy, audacious goals for the organisation’s future.

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We can help you:

  • Develop a clear vision for the future
  • Understand your values
  • Discover your core purpose
  • Write a great mission statement
  • Create strategic alignment
  • Engage your staff and stakeholders
  • Cascade your strategy to business units, departments and teams