Strategic innovation

Leaving no stone unturned


Do you ever think to yourself, “I wonder what would happen if we…”? If you’re looking to innovate, chances are you want to do more than simply maintain the status quo. You expect more from your business and believe that with the right creative insight, it is possible to reimagine the norm for breakthrough strategic advantage.

We help organisations to achieve more by doing something new. Each strategic innovation project is unique so we don’t take a one size fits all approach. Instead, we draw on the skills, tools and frameworks that are most appropriate to the task at hand. We’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions. We challenge assumptions, norms, familiarity and the status quo. We look to oblique and unexpected sources for inspiration. We work with you to deeply understand your business and the challenges you face. We benchmark against the best and expect more.

Together we can create game-changing solutions and strategies that catapult you ahead of your peers. Working in partnership with your people, we leave no stone unturned to find a solution that’s right for you—a solution that can be turned into real, practical action.

Projects to inspire you

For an organisation that historically operated internationally using third-party suppliers, we facilitated the creation of an innovative business model enabling own brand service to be provided in a developing market. By identifying that a client had a strong network that was well-placed for partnerships, we enabled the firm to reposition away from product development and to differentiate through high-value service delivery. We worked with a creative client to find an alternative to expansion—by making their business smaller, they were able to focus on doing what they loved and become more profitable.
In a traditionally product-centric industry, we worked with a client to redefine their value proposition and to create a distinctive approach focused on customer needs. Working with a small but growing business, we identified the technological infrastructure that would allow the firm to offer a big business service for SMEs. For two different software companies, we supported their management in developing and prototyping innovative licensing models with which to monetise their products.

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We can help you:

  • Find a disruptive opportunity
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Redefine your customer base
  • Develop a unique business model
  • Reinvent your value proposition
  • Exploit new market opportunities
  • Differentiate your offering