Research insights

Because knowledge is power


What if you knew what would make your customers buy more from you at a higher price; have your competitors scrambling to catch up with you in the marketplace; make you stand out as a real and credible threat in new countries, markets or industries? Intuition and instinct have their place but, more often than not, sound decisions are backed up by sound data.

We help to increase your knowledge and develop deep insights. We do this using qualitative and quantitative research methods such as: questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observation, journey mapping, process mapping, data analysis, market research, and by seeking inspiration in new or oblique places.

By engaging with people, markets, technologies, current issues and future trends, you will listen and hear, empathise and understand, evaluate and assess. Research insights are key to strategic innovation. They allow you to detect new strategies and ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Projects to inspire you

For a leading UK business school, we assessed emerging trends and upcoming challenges within the global pharmaceuticals market and wrote a cutting-edge, live market case study for their inaugural case competition. We assessed the organisational landscape to understand relative positioning, stakeholder perceptions, opportunities and threats, and future strategic planning for a local not-for-profit. Working with senior management and the international sales team, we ran a workshop that dug deep into customer segmentation, customer profiling and market prioritisation.
Using focus groups, workshops and interviews, we explored internal and external stakeholder perceptions of a client’s existing brand enabling a strong, professional brand image to be created for the future. Through a detailed market assessment, we identified the market structure, key players and potential partners for a client wishing to pursue new opportunities in India. We carried out company-wide staff interviews to understand existing capabilities, key roles and responsibilities, and future aspirations, enabling management to design their organisation for tomorrow.

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We can help you:

  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Identify industry and market trends
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and stakeholders
  • Discover how well you compare to your competitors
  • Gauge the potential impact of new technologies
  • Explore your critical success factors and competitive advantage
  • Assess your internal capabilities and performance