Live innovation/strategy challenges

Bringing the future to life


Do you have an organisational challenge that you would like to explore and solve in a risk-free environment? Are you looking to create unique and flexible learning opportunities for staff at any level—from graduate entrants to senior executive boards? Would you like to give your undergraduate/postgraduate students experience of a live market scenario that prepares them for the next steps in their career?

We’ve developed a new, live innovation and strategy challenge format in which teams work together to analyse and solve a real world challenge (either commercial or social) in a high pressure but low risk environment. Each challenge is designed specifically to fit your unique learning objectives. A scenario can be based either upon your own company or we can create a believable, fictional organisation that is positioned anywhere within a given market.

Just like real life, there are no ‘correct answers’ to these challenges—yes, some solutions will be more realistic than others but a range of strategic scenarios exist. Participants will be encouraged to grapple with multiple decision-making dimensions and complex trade-offs, both internally and externally. This approach allows organisations, teams and individuals to develop substantive insights and new perspectives, and the opportunity for creative and innovative thinking abounds.

Challenges to inspire you

Run a management away day with a difference in which your senior team find themselves in the shoes of the latest start-up snapping at your company’s heels. Who knows what new ideas or disruptive business models they might uncover. Develop transferable skills and employability in your university students by challenging them to solve a real world commercial or social matter that engages them in teamwork and strategic thinking, all the while getting their creative juices flowing. Want to expand your business but unsure of how or where to do so? Empower your staff to find the answers by giving them an environment in which they can develop and pitch outlines of the opportunities they believe your firm shouldn’t miss out on.
Upskill your people, train your new hires or facilitate mobility and cross-training within your organisation with an engaging learning and development activity that enables your employees to really get to grips with your company, industry and market. Looking to innovate within your brand but struggling with ideation? Generate a range of opportunities by asking teams of your staff to pitch for real money as they go up against your ‘Investment Dragons’ to persuade you that their idea is worth the company’s backing. Entrust your staff to take ownership of the change process by empowering them to tackle some of your most pressing issues in a collaborative environment that encourages sharing of individual perspectives and creation of common solutions.

Explore our photo diary showcasing how we developed the challenge for Warwick Business School’s inaugural Case Competition— the first of its kind for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare sectors in the UK: Creating a competition challenge: a behind the scenes peek and WBS Case Competition: On the day.

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  • Explore an organisational challenge in a risk free environment
  • Train and upskill your people
  • Develop strategic thinking, judgement and decision making
  • Enhance your learning and development offering
  • Increase your awareness of multiple stakeholder perspectives
  • Uncover innovation opportunities from within
  • Get to grips with the latest industry shifts and upcoming trends