Edward’s Trust

Supporting families affected by child bereavement, Edward's Trust provides a vital service to those coping with the loss of a loved one. At a time of significant change, we enabled the executive management team and board of trustees to articulate their core values and purpose and to envision a future beyond their present challenges. For the executive management team, we continue to provide mentoring on a monthly basis.

Jeremy Walker|Director of Business Development

Supporting families through child bereavement

Edward Dent died aged seven years. Through the pain and grief of their loss, his parents, Peter and Hilary Dent, founded Edward’s Trust in 1989 to support other families affected by the death of a child and children bereaved of a sibling, parent or significant carer.

More than twenty years on, Edward’s Trust remains rooted in the vision of its personal beginnings and continues to provide an essential service to those coping with the loss of a loved one. Recognising that each person is unique in their grief, staff at Edward’s Trust have special skills, training and expertise in the supportive care of bereaved children and families. The charity extends this training to schools, businesses, voluntary and statutory organisations, providing others with an understanding of grief and giving them practical strategies for working with bereaved families.

For hundreds of people, Edward’s Trust has been, and continues to be, a valuable support, giving them the strength to carry on and enabling them to begin to rebuild their lives. In the words of one family member, “their support for us has just been outstanding.”

From foundation to future in a time of change

In 2008, Edward’s Trust experienced significant change. Edward House (which had provided accommodation for families whilst their child was receiving treatment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital) closed its doors in June of that year. Through our relationship with Jeremy Walker, Director of Business Development, we began working with Edward’s Trust in 2009.

By holding a vision, values and purpose workshop, we enabled the executive management team and board of trustees to articulate their foundational tenets and to envision a future beyond this time of change. In response, Edward’s Trust asked us to provide additional support throughout this challenging period.

Since 2010, we have mentored the executive management on a monthly basis. Working with Christine Bodkin, Chief Executive, we have supported Edward’s Trust in their strategic and operational development, enabling them to move forward with purpose and to maximise their success. We have similarly supported Jeremy Walker in creating revenue generating opportunities, including the formation of the Honourable Hundred and the Top 250 Club, as well as advising on marketing, positioning and branding challenges.

For both Christine and Jeremy, we have provided a neutral, professional and supportive environment in which they have been able to sound out ideas, seek advice and expand their professional development.

What they say

“I have known and worked with Matt over a number of years. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his expertise, professionalism and ability to work through vision, goal setting, core values and strategy at every level of business.

He has an amazing knack of being able to help you achieve business goals and development. He doesn't just talk in jargon and cliches; he is clear, personable and actually takes you from the beginning right through to the implementation and conclusion of your need. He does what he says and doesn't simply talk the talk. He gets results!

For a relatively young man he has a unique gift in being able to work with all levels of staff and management whereby conflict or differing opinions don't become antagonistic; or whereby naivety or ignorance doesn't become embarrassment. He is the best I have come across within this type of sector and consultancy. Engage him... you won't regret it!!”

Jeremy Walker — Director of Business Development