CyDesign (formerly deltatheta UK)

An early stage dynamic simulation software company, deltatheta have already generated significant interest both here in the UK and internationally. By providing guidance, mentoring and strategic support throughout deltatheta's launch process, we have enabled them to maximise their chances of success, launch their products smoothly and capitalise upon existing international demand.

Revolutionising modelling and simulation

deltatheta UK Limited was founded in 2009 by its Chief Technical Officer, Peter Harman. Although an early stage company, deltatheta has a unique approach to modelling and simulation software and they are already one to watch in the dynamic simulation software industry.

Passionate about delivering products and services that are integrated and effective, deltatheta aims to revolutionise modelling and simulation by bringing model-based engineering firmly into the engineering design and development process.

Their software tools are designed by engineers for engineers and deltatheta places particular emphasis upon usability and functionality. Based upon a unique technology designed by deltatheta, each of their software tools harnesses the power of Modelica to put a wealth of knowledge and expertise at the fingertips of design engineers, simulation specialists and project managers alike.

Born global: from beta to launch

We began working with deltatheta during the beta stage of their business, at which time they were developing three new software products. As a firm already born global, deltatheta had generated significant interest both in the UK and internationally. Moving forward, deltatheta were keen to maximise their chances of success, to ensure a smooth launch of their products and to capitalise upon existing international interest.

Working together through the UKTI Passport to Export scheme, we provided guidance, mentoring and strategic support throughout the launch process. By enabling deltatheta to prioritise product development through reallocation of resource and to also prioritise the order of development for their three products, we were able to shorten the software development cycle and significantly reduce their time to market.

Prior to launch of their products, we worked with deltatheta to build a solid foundation for their international marketing strategy and positioning. This included consideration of their pricing strategy to ensure that is was aligned with their organisational strategy and overall positioning. We also provided specialist support in developing deltatheta’s online presence, taking into account their UK and international positioning. Working in partnership with deltatheta, we developed an informative and usable structure for their website and wrote all copy on their behalf.

With Peter Harman, we together explored potential UK and international company structures with a view to building the deltatheta team both here in the UK and in the US.

Whilst deltatheta are a new entrant to the dynamic simulation software market, they are already making significant waves within the marketplace. During the early stages of this new and exciting venture, we have provided deltatheta with a professional and supportive environment in which they have been able to sound out ideas, seek advice and receive expert practical support.

What they say

"Matt sets himself apart from other business consultants with his ability to discuss the finest details of a project as well as seeing the overall picture. He put the effort in straight away to understand our technology and market, which he did very quickly, making it easier for us both to discuss plans and how to put them into action."

Peter Harman — Chief Technical Officer