Bondeye Optical

The UK's fastest growing optical wholesaler, Bondeye bring a unique personality to a traditional industry and are consequently achieving phenomenal success. Using an approach that topped and tailed the strategic planning process, we enabled Bondeye to articulate their core ideology, to dig deep into their ambition, and to obtain valuable insights upon which to structure their progression and growth.

Working, living, eating and sleeping optical supplies

Wholesaler and distributor, Bondeye Optical are proud to work, live, eat and sleep optical supplies. Their dedicated team endeavours to provide a one-stop optical solution for their clients by offering all the essential products needed for the journey through an optician, from eye test to finished pair of spectacles.

Founded in 2002 by Louise Keeney (Director), Bondeye are now the UK’s fastest growing wholesaler and continue to grow by 50% year on year. With their utter dedication to outstanding customer service and their quirky sense of fun, Bondeye are shaking up a traditional industry and achieving phenomenal success.

Creating a visionary organisation for lasting success

We met Bondeye at a time when they were transitioning from a two-tier management structure to a three-tier one and Louise was keen to include her management team as a strategic part of the organisation. To support this process and to facilitate Bondeye’s ongoing growth, we identified an approach that not only addressed their immediate operational challenges but that also established a firm foundation for lasting success.

Together, we began by articulating the very core of their organisation. Through a series of creative workshops, the management team expressed their core values and uncovered their sense of purpose. Looking ahead, we challenged the team to create an inspiring vision for their future based upon a bold, exciting and audacious goal. A goal that took them beyond their comfort zone and enabled them to realise greater ambition than they were aware they had.

We also introduced Bondeye’s management team to the process of strategic planning and gave them a strategic framework with which to structure their ongoing development. During our discussions, it became clear that Bondeye’s people are organised according to a functional structure built around their key business processes. By creating a detailed process map, we were able to collaboratively identify key strengths and areas of weakness, at the same time as profiling new and existing personnel whose development would create room for the organisation to grow and breathe.

By using an approach that topped and tailed the strategic planning process, we enabled Bondeye to achieve valuable insights and to organise for success, both now and in the future. Almost immediately, Bondeye put their understanding into action by enacting process improvements that increased efficiency, recruiting new members of staff who subscribed to their core ideology and by creating strategic alignment throughout their organisation.

What they say

"We met Matt and Debbie on this as a first project together. They were fantastically thorough in their understanding and defining of each area of our business that was being reviewed. They make an excellent team and could not have been more helpful and professional throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anybody who is in need of their services."

Louise Keeney — Managing Director