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For those of you who know us, you’ll know that we blog and tweet (@mattstocker and @debbiestocker); we’re on LinkedIn; we send out regular e-newsletters (in fact, we sent one just today—if you didn’t receive it, sign up here); and we have our own print collateral. We also believe in creative, visual and design thinking. As such, we thought it was about time we joined SlideShare.

Presentations can be a brilliant medium through which to communicate visually and creatively; and to think and communicate via design. Believe me, I’m not talking death by powerpoint here! Rather, I mean presentations that capture the imagination, communicate complex concepts simply, resonate deeply and catalyse action. Whether we can claim any of our presentations do these things, only you, our audience, will be able to tell us. But we hope to embark upon a journey—one in which we learn and continually develop our skills. And one in which we hope you find useful insights that you’re able to apply in the course of your business.

A short guide to organisational ambidexterity

You may remember that Matt wrote an article about organisational ambidexterity some time ago. In this, our first ever contribution to SlideShare, we explore what organisational ambidexterity is, what it means for you, and how you can achieve it.

10 ways a business leaks money like a sieve

Did you know that 75% of new leads never hear back from the business they contacted and office workers are interrupted roughly every 3 minutes? We look at 10 ways that businesses are pouring money down the drain. Find out how your business scores and start plugging the leaks.

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