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Introducing our Stocker Partnership video! Filmed and edited by the talented Nico Turner, it gives you a short introduction to who we are, what we do and how we do it. If you like what you see and wish to explore working together, do get in touch!


Video transcript

Matt: I’m Matt.

Debbie: I’m Debbie from Stocker Partnership.

Matt: We’re a strategic innovation consultancy. We work with businesses to create and exploit new opportunities.

Debbie: Innovation is about doing something new and turning an idea into action. You can innovate literally anything. People tend to think about innovation in the context of product innovation but actually you can innovate anything in the business, and what we’ve been looking at is how to think differently and the kinds of thinking that are required for innovation.

Matt: So we offer a range of services, starting with market research and research insights. We then obviously work around innovation, so strategic innovation. That could be looking at business model innovation; we could be looking at value proposition development. We’ll also work with companies to build their capability.

Debbie: Matt and I have run a Masterclass. We’ve had around 30 people this morning, looking at how to become more innovative as a business.

Angela (Masterclass Participant): I’ve really enjoyed this morning. It’s been great fun. I’ve met some good contacts and I’ve learnt a lot about innovation and what it means.

Louise (Masterclass Participant): The exercises are really interactive, so it does allow you to talk to people. It’s been quite relaxed, quite informal. It’s been really good.

Ravi (Masterclass Participant): It got me a chance to ask different questions about my business. It’s been fairly interactive, so rather than the presenters just telling us things, what I was able to do was put down on paper what I wanted to do for my business, how I can take it forward, how I can create new things, whether it’s my product or my marketplace or whether it’s with my staff.

Angela (Masterclass Participant): I thought Matt and Deb were really, really engaging. I thought their presentation skills were good. They engaged the group. They gave us plenty of time to discuss amongst ourselves. They gave us thinking time, which you don’t always get, and they gave us an opportunity to ask questions and take advice when we needed to.

Matt: We’re really keen on making sure that the work that we do is actually linked to the organisational objectives, so that it’s not just innovation out there, but we’re actually supporting and working with the management team and the staff to make sure that we’re supporting where the organisation wants to go. We don’t work on a day rate; we actually work on fixed based pricing according to the objectives. So once we’ve signed off the objectives and we’ve agreed the scope of our work together, a client gets unlimited access to our time—certainly on the larger projects—and it just means that we can work together effectively. The client isn’t worrying about picking up the phone if they need to ask us a question because actually we’re both invested in achieving those end outcomes.

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