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Our work with Lucid Computer Solutions has been featured in the May/June edition of C&W In Business:

Licensed to SPRINGup PR, Lucid Computer Solutions, and Stocker Partnership for free use PR and advertising purposes. Photo by Tony Charnock 07770 48 48 88

Local IT support company, Lucid Computer Solutions, has flourished despite the economic climate achieving 30 per cent growth year-on-year.

With support from independent business advisor, Matt Stocker, a focus on strategic thinking and development has been key, says the company.

It was founded four years ago and, in the midst of a severe financial crisis and recession, it has overcome the challenges of growing from a small start-up to become an established company.

The local IT support business was started by Managing Director, Gavin Moorhouse, in 2008. It now employs a team of five, who look after over 150 clients from sectors as diverse as recruitment, law, accountancy and retail.

Lucid Computer Solutions has also achieved 30 per cent year-on-year growth over four years and has doubled its annual turnover in the last three years.

Gavin attributes the company’s success to focused strategic thinking, with which he has been assisted by independent business advisor, Matt Stocker. They have met monthly since 2009 to work on the strategy and development of the company, which could otherwise have been overlooked in the day-to-day running of the operation.

Gavin now sets aside one morning each week to focus on developing the business while his team handle ongoing business activities. As a result, Gavin has been able to plan and implement the development of a scalable business that maintains great customer service.

Gavin said: “Taking time to focus on strategy has paid huge dividends, especially in a downturn. I started this company because I love working with customers to provide a solution that is tailored for them. At the same time I know how vital it is that I think strategically about where my company is going.

“Working with Matt Stocker has been key to plotting a path to success for Lucid. Matt’s business mentoring has provided the incisive vision that was needed. I now feel confident that we can make this business a long-term regional success story.”

Matt said: “Gavin has successfully made the shift from technical specialist to IT company Managing Director. He has scaled his business better than most and the results are clear to see in the growth of his business.

“Not taking time to focus on strategic work means companies remain on tick-over and do not develop. It takes work to innovate and improve, without which companies can end up in ‘fire-fighting’ mode, responding reactively only after problems arise.

“Lucid Computer Solutions proves that strategic thinking, hard work and innovation can achieve growth despite an economic downturn.”

This article originally appeared in the May/June edition of C&W In Business, Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber’s official magazine. Photo by Tony Charnock, licensed to Matt Stocker Ltd and Lucid Computer Solutions.

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