Value-focused partnership

Return on investment matters. Partnership can be defined as a cooperative relationship between individuals who share responsibility for achieving specific objectives. Everything we do focuses on delivering real value for you, our client.

We do not believe in day rates. In our opinion, day rates create conflict of interest: it is in our interest to sell more and your interest to buy less. This fundamentally misses the point. At the end of the day, we both have a vested interest in delivering a great outcome and it is our joint responsibility to ensure this is achieved.

At the beginning of any project, we work with you to determine your objectives, measures of success and the value that our work will deliver. We believe you should not have to make an investment decision every time our assistance may be needed, nor should your people have to seek permission to spend money if they need our help, therefore all projects include unlimited access to our time and help within the parameters agreed.

You know your business better than anyone. We work alongside you and your people to listen, engage and involve. Successful partnerships are based upon mutually trusting and respectful relationships. Although we always endeavour to reach your desired outcomes, in reality we can achieve nothing without you. We always take responsibility for our accountabilities and ask only that our passion is equally matched by your commitment.

We believe...

  • Together we’re stronger than the sum of our parts
  • Honesty and trust are vital
  • Quantitative and qualitative return on investment are important
  • Partnership allows amazing things to happen