Creative, visual and design thinking

Innovation is inherently creative. Original ideas require the imagination of something new. Design thinking provides a structured approach to a non-linear process. We value creative communication and believe visualisation techniques communicate in a way that everyone can understand.

We love post-it notes, posters, whiteboards and timelines. Being able to tangibly interact with information allows people to physically grasp abstract concepts. Thoughts and ideas can literally be moved from one place to another. Visualisation creates a shared language that facilitates debate and agreement, rapid prototyping and perceptual organisation.

We use techniques such as photo sorting, back of the napkin, storyboarding, dot voting, relational mapping and retrospective journeying. Where effective techniques do not yet exist, we create our own.

We believe in the ongoing value of design thinking. Innovation is always an iterative process and frequently requires the synthesis of a multitude of elements. Design thinking holds all elements in creative tension before a solution emerges. It handles complexity without drowning. It is playful and curious. It is a collaborative process that looks both in and out.

We live with one foot firmly in creativity and the other in business. For us, the two are intrisically intertwined and an integrated approach offers greater value than one or other alone.

We believe...

  • Both innovation and strategy are inherently creative
  • Visual communication creates an accessible and shared language
  • Complex doesn’t have to equal complicated
  • Where there is a problem, there is always a solution